If you've found this page, you're probably wondering what happened to the Time To Bush Clocks

Well, after making them since 1990, we have had to discontinue them. Yes, it makes us very sad! The Time To Brush Clocks are what got us connected to Pediatric Dentists and Orthodontists all over the world. They led us to many great projects and were always an attention-getter when we started out doing craft fairs and later on, dental meetings.

Unfortunately, as of about 10 years or so ago, they became an item that we could not make a profit on. They cost almost as much to make as we sold them for. We made each one to order "from scratch", by hand. Despite that, we continued to make them because people like them and we like them! But, as other segments of our business grew, and the clocks became a shrinking segment, we had to make a difficult decision. Keep making the clocks and spending all that time and effort on a product that is making no profit, or let them go. 

Why not just raise the price? That's a great question! We have always felt that $85.00 plus $10.00 shipping was the highest we could ask for what is (let's face it) a novelty product. The fact that we have held the price at $85.00 for the past 20+ years is downright amazing. In order to make a reasonable profit, we were going to have to raise the price by about 70%. We did not want to spring a dramatic price increase on our customers like that.

We have been negotiating with companies in the dental products business that have access to manufacturing resources that are more efficient and less costly, in an effort to have them take over production and sales of the clocks. We would love to see them continue to be made. So far, although we have come close, no one has taken us up on our very (very) reasonable offers. If you're in the dental products business - they are still available. The entire line - including the rights to the artwork. Send us an email. We'll talk! Imagine being able to get the retail cost to around $59 or so, and then promoting them properly. Based on our experience, we don't think you would be able to keep them in stock. It could actually go well beyond the dental market.

On the other hand, our new, improved customizable office signs are great! They're now made of an elegant, lightweight material that has a solid plastic core, with layers of aluminum covering the front and back. The standard size is 9" x 14" with rounded corners. The graphics are richer and brighter. Also, unlike our old signs, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The best part - no price increase! 

Also, our graphic design, illustration and marketing products are going better than ever! Call us or email us to get started on your project.

A BIG THANK YOU "to infinity and beyond" to all of you that have bought our Time to Brush clocks over the years. We will always be here for any repair needs you may have with your clocks.

–Norris Hall

                      Time to Brush Monkey Clock

                      Time to Brush Monkey Clock